LD Rhino maintenance schedule

Initial startup:
  • NFill hydraulic oil reservoir with 30 gallons of hydraulic tractor oil. MAKE SURE VALVES ARE OPEN at the bottom of the reservoir BEFORE STARTUP
  • NFill engine with one quart of 30 weight motor oil
  • NFill gas tank with 20 gallons of gasoline 87 octane or higher
  • NApply gear lube to drive chains
  • NGrease all zerk fittings (the top head, mast hinges, pillow block bearings and walking beam sheave axle) and mast hinges
  • NApply grease to walking beam sheave axel on both sides of the mainline cable sheave
  • NAfter first two hours of drilling: torque all chain and pulley hubs to specifications
  • NGrease walking beam sheave axle
  • NInspect for loose fasteners and tighten if loose
  • NInspect cable connections for wear and reconnect if worn
  • NInspect chain and belt tension and tighten if necessary
  • NInspect gas filter and replace if dirty
  • NInspect all jacks for cracks and repair with welder if necessary
  • NCheck for hydraulic leaks and check hydraulic oil level
  • NInspect rubber top head springs for damage
After drilling each well:
  • NGrease all zerk fittings until seals expand. Avoid over greasing
  • NOil drive chains with gear lube
  • NPour some used motor oil over the mainline and sandline cables to prevent rust
  • NCheck tires
  • NGrease mast cable guides applying ample grease by hand
  • NGrease throttle cable push/pull rod
  • NClean hydraulic rams before lowering mast
200 hour service:
  • NChange engine oil and save for lubricating cable
  • NGrease zerk fittings on jacks
500 hours
  • NReplace hydraulic oil filter
1000 hours
  • NRemove cables and reverse them on cable spools to extend cable life
  • NInspect mainline brake pads and replace if necessary
2000 hours
  • NReplace mainline cable if worn
  • NReplace sandline cable if worn
  • NChange hydraulic oil
  • NReplace hydraulic pump coupler if worn
As may be needed:
  • NAdjust hand brake tension
  • NAdjust flywheel belt tension
  • NAdjust roller chain tension

Estimated life of the hydraulic pump and motors is 3000 hours.
Engine life expected is 3 years