LD Rhino - Lifewater Drilling Technology™ - Cable Tool Water Well Drilling Rig

By Lifewater Drilling

Most Cost-Effective & Efficient Cable Tool Water Well Drilling Rig

The LD Rhino cable tool drilling rig is arguably the most cost-effective rig available today for drilling water wells up to 450 feet. Versatile yet easy to maintain and operate, this rig may be the most economical approach to drilling and constructing water wells where logistics are challenging and fuel and trained personnel are scarce. Originally designed to supply potable water in developing countries, the LD Rhino cable tool water well drilling rig is tough, reliable and flexible enough to make it a good choice for anywhere in the world.

Why The LD Rhino
Cable Tool Drilling Rig?

  • NSimple Operation & Maintenance
  • NExtremely Efficient
  • NRugged & Easy To Transport
  • NParts Readily Available Worldwide
  • NHighly Competitive ROI
  • N… Learn More

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Features & Performance of LD Rhino
Water Well Drilling Rig

The LD Rhino is an affordable water well drilling rig that combines proven cable tool technology (cable percussion drilling rig) with today’s reliable hydraulic drive technology to produce a rig that can adapt to all types of geology. The LD Rhino can drill through both rock and unconsolidated formations to a maximum depth of 450 feet or 137 meters. A typical well of 50 meters (approximately 160 feet) requires only about 100 liters or 28 gallons of gasoline and can be completed in a week. Rig operation is quite straightforward and can be quickly learned. And the LD Rhino can be set up and operated by one person.

  • NOne man operation -- Less training, easier to use, cheaper to operate
  • NDrills unconsolidated formations at rate of 1-3 meters per hour
  • NDrills through rock at rate of .3-1 meter per hour
  • NShips and tows easily, accessible to more locations
  • NTwo rigs fit in standard shipping container
  • N75 liter fuel tank - approximately 12 hours of continuous operation
  • NNo air compressor required
  • NNo mud pump required
  • N150 liter water storage with pressure pump
  • NAccommodates bit sizes of 25cm or even larger

The cable tool drilling rig was designed compact enough to be towed by a pickup truck. It was also designed for easy shipping overseas. With some re-assembly, two rigs will fit into a 20 foot shipping container. Most LD Rhino rig components are readily available from third party vendors around the world, for easy service and maintenance. Plus, this water well drilling equipment is self-contained with everything needed to drill a well, including a locking tool and storage box to store tools. With cable tool drilling there is no need for a mud pump or air compressor, therefore reducing the cost of fuel, material and chance of breakdowns.

LD Rhino - Lifewater Drilling Technology™ - Cable Tool Water Well Drilling Rig